About Irrigation Scheduler

Irrigation Scheduler is a web-based tool designed to support agricultural research, advising, planning, and decision making. It has many valuable features including functions that allow users to enter their own precipitation and irrigation information and seasonal records of irrigation practices. The tool utilizes a number of products that allow users to both track their irrigation and plan future applications during the growing season.

Irrigation Scheduler helps manage pivot and other irrigation systems and creates detailed, interactive schedules based on field water loss and precipitation. This innovative tool fully integrates irrigation and crop models utilizing sophisticated site-specific weather forecasts.

To help tailor the schedules' data to the users site-specific needs, Irrigation Scheduler has the unique ability to setup a communication link with a user's local station-data site. The information gathered from this reporting station will be linked with the figures entered into the models on a daily basis, thus allowing the localized inputs to drive the schedules.

The models are adjusted according to the irrigation practices of the user on a daily basis, thus integrating rainfall, evaporation, and contributions from prior irrigation events into each field's water budget.





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