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AgFleet® guides the management of more than 15 million acres of agricultural land in North America. With its easy to use tools and applications, it's easy to see how this unique suite of modules has become the premier web-based precision ag solution for growers, consultants, dealers and other agricultural professionals.

Offering superior service and security, AgFleet® has equipped its users with exceptional tools and reliable data to make informed decisions when applying in-field treatments, farm management practices and adjusting to the ever-changing economic conditions all while ensuring that customer data and information remain secure!

The AgFleet® modular, web-based applications manage information on everything from soil characteristics and yield data to fertilizer and pesticide applications. AgFleet® facilitates the use of current and forecast meteorological information to guide planting and harvesting decisions, anticipate crop conditions, and analyze the economic results of different management options.

Irrigation Scheduler is a cutting edge decision support tool for crop water management that complements the AgFleet® modular system and other precision agriculture products. Irrigation Scheduler is designed to operate as a stand-alone product tool or in conjunction with the AgFleet® system.

The communication abilities between the two programs ensures that users will not have to spend time replicating data and inputs. Items such as Grower/Farm/Field profiles and geo-referenced boundaries are linked between the two systems. Users also have access to an up-to-date centralized crop and variety database that is used in the setup of all schedules.

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