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ZedX, Inc.

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AgFleet®, developed by ZedX®Inc., is a powerful decision-support system used to manage the productivity of agricultural land in North America and continues to meet the ever-changing needs of growers, dealers, and other ag-professionals in the arena of precision agriculture.

Composed of a framework of user-friendly, web-based modular applications, AgFleet facilitates multiple processes for generating effective soil treatment plans. Each module within the framework is specifically designed to process information and data such as importing soil characteristics (Field Sampler), verifying irrigation needs (Irrigation Scheduler), managing costs associated to applying fertilizer and pesticide treatments (Record Keeper), and evaluating outcomes and recommendations for soil treatment (Field Sampler/Zone Maker).

AgFleet's web-based applications provide an efficient management solution to operations of all sizes. Users maintain continuous real-time access to their data along with the added benefit of up-to-date software, at no additional cost. With a focus on increased productivity, AgFleet pioneered the process of the "Lab Uploader" system which eliminated the countless hours users spent in front of their computer uploading lab soil analysis files.

With its anytime, anywhere access, AgFleet aims to lower operating costs by providing users a powerful, web-based decision support system for cropland management. We invite you to learn more...