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AgFleet Support

Monday-Friday 8AM to 6PM Eastern

+1(814)357-8494 (office)

+1(814)357-8499 (fax)

ZedX, Inc.

369 Rolling Ridge Drive
Bellefonte, PA 16823

+1(814)357-8490 (office)

+1(814)357-8499 (fax)

Customer Service

In order to provide the most efficient AgFleet Customer Service and Training, ZedX established a network of regional resellers. The Resellers can provide information regarding AgFleet, outstanding training for quick integration within your organization, and unparalleled customer service to maintain the AgFleet precision ag program. Please contact one of the resellers displayed on the above map by clicking on the green markers to learn more or to begin using the program today!

Reseller Network

AgFleet is a product of ZedX, Inc., which is displayed as a yellow marker on the map above. While ZedX, Inc. typically does not sell directly to customers, supporting the AgFleet resellers and their clients is our top priority. For more information regarding AgFleet and the reseller network, please email

Interested in Becoming a Reseller

If your organization is interested in becoming an AgFleet Service reseller, please contact us at ZedX, Inc.'s office number 814-357-8490 or email us at We will be happy to answer any questions to assist in achieving your orgination's precision ag needs.